International Logistics Operator
Set a task, and we will go ahead in providing full service for the delivery of your cargo.

We deliver goods safely and right on time. We take on the most complex cargo transportation tasks. We organize delivery so that not to distract you from more important tasks.

We make the transportation process convenient. We perform tasks on turnkey terms: we do the paperwork, work with customs authorities and other government institutions to ensure delivery, provide all types of warehousing services and deliver cargo to the final destination.

We deliver any cargo
under the best terms
Road Transport and Haulage Services
We provide FTL and LTL truck loads. We carry out direct transportation or with reloading at the warehouse. We deliver oversized cargo of any size and weight.
Shipping Services
We offer different terms of delivery by sea: EXW, FOB/FCA/CIF. Sea delivery of groupage and full cargo (LCL and FCL). We provide agents in all countries of the world.
Air Carriage Services
We provide air carriage all over the world. From 1 kg to full aircraft load.
Railway Services
We provide regular railway services in the following directions: China - Russia, China - Europe, Russia - China, Latvia - Russia and all CIS countries.
We provide warehousing services at a customs warehouse in Riga
  • We accept goods by pallet and by piece.
  • We carry out transhipment of cargo of any complexity.
  • We consolidate goods.
  • We check the cargo for quality and regrading.
  • We check the weight individually / per box / per pallet.
  • We weigh empty/full vehicles.
  • We process clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household goods, and building materials.
  • If necessary, we carry out:
    -EAC marking;
    -QR and DataMatrix codes;
    -Marking of footwear for light industry goods;
    -KiZ-marking for fur coats and furs;
    -Sectoral completing.
  • We apply hanging labels and magnets.
  • We provide tallyman services.
  • We provide photo and video recording of all processes.
  • We carry out customs clearance (EX, T1, T2L, IMA, TIR, CMR, EUR1).
Just tell us about your task,
the rest is up to us
We take care of all delivery arrangements
We find favorable conditions and the best solutions for timing, do paperwork, load the goods, send the goods to the warehouse, perform labelling, consolidation and insurance.
We assign a personal manager to you
You communicate about the project with only one person - and this is your personal manager. He personally oversees all aspects of your project and answers all questions at any time of the day.
We send you data on the location of the cargo every day
The personal manager sends up-to-date information about the location of the cargo and its status every day. So you know for sure that the cargo will arrive right on time.
We provide cargo insurance under favorable terms
If necessary, we will insure your cargo against all possible risks.
We have a warehouse operator liability insurance policy
Thus, your cargo is additionally insured against various unforeseen circumstances that may arise during storage and work in the warehouse.
We do everything to help you achieve your goal
We take on the most complex tasks, groupage and dangerous cargo, urgent deliveries and small-sized cargo. We solve the problems so that you achieve your goal.
We dive into the task                    
so that you achieve your goal
1. We analyze the cargo that needs to be delivered.
2. We calculate the cost of cargo transportation.
3. We develop the optimal route in terms of price and timing.
4. We select the appropriate type of transport for transportation of cargo.
5. We track the movement of cargo in real time.
6. We do all the necessary paperwork: EX, T1, T2L, CMR, TIR, IMA, FCR, EUR1.
7. If necessary, in our warehouses:
— We count the goods, weigh the goods and check the quality;
— We mark the goods: QR code, EAC marking, DataMatrix code, excise stamps and any types of labels;
— We select, sort and complete batches of goods;
— We provide a cargo countercheck service with the formation of a detailed packing list.
Tell us 
about your task
Submit a request, our manager will contact you within a day, clarify the task and calculate the cost of cargo transportation.
Contact us
We are responsible for decisions  
and keep our promises
Over 20 years of work in the cargo transportation market, we have developed the main principle:
« customised service for every client
You contact us to perform your tasks instead of increasing the number of your tasks. Therefore, we do everything so that you free yourself from all questions related to cargo transportation and deal with what really matters
  • You communicate with only one specialist throughout the entire project and do not waste time on redirecting, calling and explaining the task from the beginning.
  • You receive information every day in a convenient form and in any convenient way: by email or in messengers;
  • You can call the manager at any time of the day and be sure to get an answer or help in solution of an urgent problem.
  • We strictly meet deadlines because we know the value of unfulfilled promises.
  • We guarantee safety, as we are the members of the Latvian National Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics “LAFF” and the members of the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations FIATA. We work according to regulations that protect your rights.
  • The company's warehouses are located in the customs zone in Riga.